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Edible Flowers - Assorted

Micro Cilantro
Juan Morales
Great delicious Cilantro!!

This cilantro is one of the most flavorful I have tried !

Pesky Peas
Divya Raju

I received the order 2 days late. It was spotted peas and edible flowers. I had ordered only pesky peas. So the order was wrong too

Wonderful Variety in the Hodge Podge Box!

I have been wanting to try incorporating microgreens into my smoothie blends and was happy to find this available.

Delicious sunflower shoots

Wanna add a healthy boost to your morning try them with eggs atop of an omelette or for lunch in your favorite wrap and at dinner sprinkle them over everything so delicious 😋

Increased athletic performance


My weight lift trainer and squash buddy (racket sport) both noticed a significant increase in energy, mental clarity, and performance than they had ever seen before and the only thing I’ve changed my diet especially right before my work out enjoying the Micro Greens and a small meal/ salad.

Beaides the flavor, phytonutrients, and how pretty they make my food look there is something much more going on and I am forever grateful for having these micro greens delivered to my doorstep every Sunday.

Thank you so much, Andrea Suarez

Pesky Peas
Peas that are not so Pesky

These Peas are awesome. My doctors says that I need to eat more greens, and this is the best solution that I have got. Nor dressing, no cooking, no nothing..., I just eat them raw.

Great product and timely delivery

The microgreens are fresh and are delivered within one day of harvesting. So , can’t beat the freshness


Can’t beat kale goodness and freshnesss.

Family Favorite

This wholesome, nutritious, and flavorful salad is our family favorite and we now simply can't do without it. The gorgeous colors just add that extra beautiful touch to this healthy salad!

Family Favorite

This wholesome, nutritious, and super fresh salad is our family favorite and something that we now can't do without. The gorgeous colors just add that extra beautiful touch to this healthy salad!


I can't rave enough about these delicious and super fresh microgreens. No chopping or cumbersome preparation needed, they are easy to make and go with pretty much all the meals. I've weekly subscription for their other microgreens as well and I keep recommending them to my friends because they are so AWESOME!

Gorgeous and flavorful

I'm so glad that I got my weekly subscription for these microgreens; they are yummy, flavorful, and super healthy. All their products are super flavorful and fresh, and the beets are my absolute favorite.

Awesome with sandwiches

I'm a mom of four and I'm always looking for something to make that's healthy and quick at the same time. My kids love the arugula microgreens with sandwiches and my husband and I enjoy these with our chicken salads. Totally obsessed with these!

Amaranth with shrimp salads!

I love to sprinkle these gorgeous Amaranth with my shrimp salad. They are amazingly fresh and the delivery is always seamless. I highly recommend!

Red Vein Sorell

Wow! This lemony flavor microgreen is a must have. The red veins in them are so so beautiful. Glad to have found little lolos.


This is a special microgreeen. Seems to last lesser than the rest. Around 7-8 days. Earthy flavor. Def. My favorite.

My go to salad

My everyday salad...fresh, healthy and tasty.

Giving oomph to my dishes.

These beets are so fresh and beautiful. I use them to give a bit of a oomph to my dishes. Paired well with sush.

Genovese Basil
Pesto has never tasted better!

Using Basil in my Pesto sauce.
It's given a rich and smooth texture to the pesto sauce. Very pleased!

Spicy Salad Blend
Our favorite

This such a classic blend, we also love the non spicy mix.


Really happy with the delivery and this beautiful blend. I am new to micros and these are a great blend to start with.

Jake Smith

Nasturtium is a just such a unique flavor. We started using it in one of our dishes and it’s wasabi like flavor just perked up the dish.

Pesky Peas
Samantha R

Have started mixing Kale with peas in my smoothies, it's brought a natural sweetness to it. Not been disappointed. surprised with freshness of the peas.

Amaranth was silky smooth.

Used amaranth at my house party. It livened up my dishes.will order again from this site. Delivery was fast and on time.